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Hundreds of certification licenses have been revoked by the Russian government for various violations. Make sure you know who you entrust with certification of your products!
bansRUSSIAN STANDARD is your guarantee of 100% legitimate certification.

GOST-R and TR CU regulatory documents for US and EU exporters

In accordance with the current laws and regulations in the newly formed Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, most products or services exported to those countries are subject to TR CU that has replaced most of GOST-R certificates. 

There are 61 Technical Regulations and dozens of important codes, rules and standards that govern importation of products in the territories of Russia and Customs Union. Although they have never been issued in foeriegn languages by the Russian authorities, we have committed to translating them into English for the benefit of Western companies already engaged in exporting to Russia, or considering tapping that huge developing market. Contact us for a particular Technical Regulation or other document pertaining to your product.

We have been providing providing GOST-R certification and Federal Registration services since 2003. Among our satisfied customers are major international companies from USA and Europe. We maintain close contact with the Russian regulators, which allows us to resolve any potential issue smoothly at an early stage. With 15 years of experience in the regulatory compliance business and numerous satisfied customers world-wide, Russian Standard, Ltd. is prepared to help you with any projects in Russia and the Customs Union. We deliver fast and optimized certification solutions.

Manufacturers and exporters of medical devices are encouraged to see the presentation on the registration of medical devices we made for the US Department of Commerce.

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